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“In this 'Renovation Masterclass' video training you'll follow me step-by-step as I renovate a Melbourne property. I’ll walk you through each room and show you how I add $2 in value for every $1 spent on improvements...and how you can too on YOUR next renovation."

After building a personal portfolio to over $8MM (starting with only $45k) AND helping countless Australians to kickstart their investment careers...
Let me show you the proven "Strategic Renovation" process I use to add at least $2 in value for every $1 spent on improvements... every time I renovate... and gain equity fast in any market conditions. 
Dear fellow renovator, 

You’re about to learn how to repeatedly turn real-estate rubble into gold.

This renovation strategy works in all market conditions, can add tens of thousands of dollars to your wealth in weeks, doesn’t require any experience, and is extremely low risk. 

It will give you instant answers to questions like… 

- “Is this property even worthy of renovation?”

- “Which areas should I improve for maximum ‘bang for my buck?’”

- “How do I avoid over capitalisation?”

- “What colours, materials and techniques will give me a luxurious feel on a budget?”  

And, the best thing...
You can now get access to this entire system – and the bonus, real-life renovation masterclass – for FREE (just pay the $9.95 for Shipping and Handling)
Hi, I’m Jane Slack-Smith, a former explosives engineer turned property investor...

A few years ago I personally developed the renovation strategy you’re about to learn to grow my portfolio to over $8M starting with just $45k in savings. 
And since I've achieved financial freedom (and enjoyed the security of knowing my property portfolio will always provide for my family), it's become my mission to help other everyday Australians do the same.

People like Russell...

Russell is a Maintenance Manager in Melbourne. He started working with me after twenty five years of being "too scared" to renovate for profit. He learned my proven system, applied it, and in his first renovation increased the value of his investment property by $70,000 with a $8,300 budget and in just 16-days! 

(What's more, after his second renovation – where he added $54,000 in value and bumped rent by $120 p/w – Russell is now well on his way to building real wealth for retirement.)

Then there's Rita...

Rita is a friend of mine who I've worked closely with over the past 10-years to deploy the renovation strategy you'll learn in this book. In that time, she's built an 8-property portfolio; could sell everything now and "probably have quite a few hundred thousand in the bank". But, more amazingly, she's taught the same strategy to her kids who now have successful portfolios of their own (they can now afford to live in million dollar houses in Sydney... and, if they chose to be, could be mortgage free in their 30's!) 
So, what's the secret to this strategy? 
Well, here's the thing...

The problem with most renovations (like the ones you see on “The Block” and the flipping strategies the “gurus” preach) is that they rely largely on hope

You buy a run down property… try to guess what people want… try to guess what they’ll pay for the finished product… and then put your hard earned money on the line… 

All with the HOPE that you make a profit.
If you ask me, that's like gambling with your entire life savings on the line.
So, when I was developing this system, I did what any over-thinking engineer would do... 

I studied every possible way a renovation could go wrong and then reverse-engineered a strategy to eliminate all those risks

I call the system “The Trid3nt Strategy” because it has three distinct pillars that work together to virtually guarantee you profit before you invest a cent. And Strategic Renovation is at its core.
Once your learn this system, all overwhelm, doubt and “what ifs” will vanish and the path to profit becomes clear. 

You’ll stop asking “should I renovate?” or “what changes should I make?” and instead be saying “how can I use this profit to go again?!” (and we'll cover that too). 

For a limited time, you can learn this strategy in my book “Your Property Success With Renovation: 2 Properties + 1 Renovation = $ 1 Million In The Bank” – and get all the free bonuses (including a real-life renovation case study where I walk you through a renovation step-by-step) – for FREE (just pay the $9.95 for Shipping and Handling).

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I'd like to rush a FREE copy of my 
best-selling book to your doorstep, ASAP!

Like I mentioned before, this book is free. I'll pay for the book and all I ask is that you help me cover the shipping and handling cost and we'll send it anywhere in Australia!

"Making it easy for everyone to follow her low-risk investment strategies..."
"I have been in the property industry for over 13 years, and throughout this time I have been a property buyer’s agent and property educator. I have had the opportunity to see many property educators and presenters. Having co-presented with Jane Slack-Smith, I was very impressed with her authenticity and the ease in which she communicates complicated issues, making it easy for everyone to follow her low-risk investment strategies."

"There are those among us who have unusual abilities. Jane is one such person..."
There are those among us who have unusual abilities. Jane is one such person. Her ability to inspire and educate us all to take the next step in developing a portfolio to provide for the future in easily understood language is unique”

"Jane is the go-to person for no-nonsense information about property investing, finance and renovation..."
“Jane is the go-to person for no-nonsense information about property investing, finance and renovation.. our listeners love her segments because she is different from other experts. She's a straight talker and you just know she genuinely wants to help.”
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SPECIAL BONUS: "How To Renovate & Profit" Special Ebook With Additional Case Studies!
When you get your copy of my best-selling “Your Property Success With Renovation: 2 Properties + 1 Renovation = $ 1 Million In The Bank” book, we're going to throw in a compilation of NEVER BEFORE SEEN Case Studies!

This bonus Case Studies are NOT available in any retail outlets who sell “Your Property Success With Renovation: 2 Properties + 1 Renovation = $ 1 Million In The Bank”... because they're not even in the physical book!! 

Strictly exclusive to those who purchase today.

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Here’s What You'll Learn Inside "How to Renovate & Profit"...
  •  How to create a modern “European Style” kitchen on a shoestring budget. (Buyers and valuers will swoon over your property after this simple (and cheap) kitchen makeover.)
  •  How to use the “PP x 140% = RV” Formula to estimate your renovation profit before investing a cent. (You’ll stroll into negotiations with confidence when you know exactly what a property is worth to you post reno.)
  •  The 6 High-Return Improvements for maximum “bang for your buck”. (TIP: If you have light coloured floorboards, staining them “Dark Red” or “Dark Chocolate” can add HUGE value to a property.)
  •  How to make dingy entranceways feel airy and light with this simple 'Optical Illusion' (All it takes is the right painting strategy.)
  •  How Tanya and Craig transformed their kitchen (pictured) from “dark and claustrophobic” to light and modern. (Learn exactly how they did it and what products they used.)
  •  How to gain maximum “Curb Appeal” with a few coats of paint and some “elbow grease” (Research has shown that vendors lose an average of $90,000 just because they’re property lacks street appeal! You’ll learn how you can avoid that mistake and “wow” buyers before they even enter your house!)
  •  How Jane Slack-Smith made $225,000 PROFIT on her first renovation in 9-months (while working full time)… and then used her new equity as a springboard to grow a multi-million dollar portfolio. 
  •  How Tanya & Craig added $117,000 in value to their 1920s, California-style bungalow... in just 4-months… and increased rent by $180 per WEEK. (You’ll “ooooh” over the photos, “aahhhh” at the tiny budget… and “AH HA!” when you learn exactly how they pulled it off.)
  •  How Tracey McMillan made a $12,000 PROFIT with a simple (and cheap) bathroom reno (Cancel your Saturday plans, after reading this you’ll be racing to Bunnings for some “Cloud Grey” paint.) 
  •  A simple tile technique that gives your bathroom the feel of the Hilton, at a fraction of the cost. (When you learn this cheeky “hack”, you’ll never consider porcelain tiles again!) 
  •  DIY vs Trades? Learn what to do yourself and when to hire pros (follow these guidelines so your project gets done on time, on budget and without losing your hair!)
  •  How to assemble a renovation “dream team” (and avoid getting ripped off by the “Dodgy Brothers” who seem so tempting at the start….)
  •  The 2 most valuable traits to look for in any tradesman. (HINT: They have nothing to do with price!)
  •  5 things renovators do that tradies HATE... and how to avoid them. (Your team will remain “on your side” and get things done on time and within your budget.)
  •  How Jodie Moore used the “Box on The Back” to increase her wealth by $283,500... on her FIRST EVER renovation. (Unwanted properties will be your goldmines when you learn this low cost strategy stolen from the commercial building world!) 
  •  9 overlooked features buyers CRAVE in a bedroom - one of them is having ample power points! (I'll fill you in on the other 8 so you don't lose money on these common bedroom blunders...)
  •  How to leverage your new equity from your first property to grow a lucrative portfolio – even in TODAY’S market. (Forget years of waiting and saving, after just one strategic reno done right, you’re wealth with property will be “off to the races”.)
  •  How Kristen added $68,000 of value to her 3-bedder in Melbourne… in 6-weeks (a profit of $28,000)... and increased rent from $350 to $490pw.
  •  How Melbourne Maintenance Manager, Russell, profited $54,000 (after ALL expenses) with a simple cosmetic renovation during 5-weeks of annual leave!
  •  And heaps more.
BONUS 1: REAL LIFE RENO MASTERCLASS: How to Find, Buy, Renovate and Profit from Run-Down Properties in High Growth Areas
In this free bonus 4-part video training, you’ll follow me room-by-room and learn how to make decisions on the fly to add at least $2 in value for every $1 you spend on improvements. (Plus: I think you’ll love the luxurious finish we create on a budget and get a heap of inspiration for your own home.)

...So you can collaborate, ask advice, post pictures of your projects, and have a lot of fun along the way with experienced investors who really "get" the journey you’re on. (You'll also get access to a heap of my best property investing training to shortcut your learning curve by years.)
[FREE] Real-Life Cosmetic Renovation Masterclass: "How to Find, Buy, Renovate and Profit From Run-Down Properties in High Growth Areas
“Look Over My Shoulder While I Renovate a Real-Life Melbourne Property and Show You What, Why and How I Make Each Change for Maximum Profit...”
Let’s face it, renovation can be complex...

At every turn there are hidden “gotchas” and important decisions to be made. Having someone tell you how to renovate doesn’t necessarily teach you how to handle all the nuances you’ll encounter “in the field”. For this reason, “how to” renovation guides often leaves more questions than answers. 
That’s why I want to show you how I renovate, step-by-step, start to finish on a real-life Melbourne property. 
In this free bonus 4-part video training, you’ll follow me room-by-room and learn how to make decisions on the fly to add at least $2 in value for every $1 you spend on improvements. 

(Plus: I think you’ll love the luxurious finish we create on a budget and get a heap of inspiration for your own home.)
Here’s what we cover in the free 4-part training: 
[VIDEO 1] How to Uncover Hidden Profit in Run Down Properties
In Video One, I’ll show you why ‘Strategic Renovation’ is the safest, most reliable method to build wealth with property right now.

I’ll also take you on a real-life house inspection of a “renovators delight” in Melbourne.

You’ll follow me as I identify untapped equity... and uncover hidden “gotchas” that could cost you thousands. (With this proven inspection process you’ll know when you should make an offer - and when to run for the hills.)
[VIDEO 2] Making Small Property Changes for BIG Capital Gains
In Video Two, I’ll take you behind the scenes so you can watch as we pick up the tools and transform the property we inspected in Video One.

You’ll learn the secret “tricks of the trade” that let us add $2, $3 or even $4 of equity to the property for every $1 spent on improvements.
[VIDEO 3] See The Finished Reno… (And Learn How to Get Paid What It’s Worth)
In Video Three, we return to see the “finished product” from our live renovation. And I’ll show you just how much additional profit a $25k renovation budget can add.

 You'll also learn, how the ‘Box On The Back’ renovation let’s you bump your property into a whole new price bracket... for a relatively small investment. For example, you can turn a 3-bedroom house into a 4-bedder with a luxurious, open-plan living area – and oversized kitchen with Butler's pantry! (All using this little-known and simple renovation technique stolen from the commercial building world!)

And... you'll meet another renovator, Stretton, and hear how he bumped the value of his Qld investment property by $100,000 in 6 weeks. (And how he raised rent from $340 to $440 per week!)

[VIDEO 4] How to Find, Buy, Renovate and Profit From Run Down Property in High Growth Areas
In Video Four, the rubber hits the road. 

I'll tie up everything you've learned in the previous three videos and reveal the 12-step blueprint to growing real wealth with Strategic Renovation. 

You'll get the opportunity to learn my entire Strategic Renovation process. From designing your personalised strategy... to finding, buying and renovating your first property for profit... right through to replicating your initial success to achieve real financial freedom. 

Get Your FREE Book, Send Me Your Address...

I'd like to rush a FREE copy of my best-selling book to your doorstep, ASAP!

Here's (Just Some Of) What You'll Learn in Your Bonus Video Training... 
  •   What a coal-mine explosion taught me about making money with property - and how you can use the same lesson to bank $1 million with just two properties and one renovation… in virtually any market conditions… and just 15 years (Even if you only earn an average income and hate risk.)
  •  The difference between a Strategic Renovation and the “Hope Renovations” that most new renovators fall prey to. (This can mean the difference between making $2 for every $1 invested – and sinking huge chunks of savings into an endless money pit.)
  •  How Russell added $70,000 of equity to his property... with a $8,300 reno… in just 16-days… (Hear his story and see how he did it!)
  •  Two common ‘cover ups’ used by sellers to hide sinister property defects. (One of them is fresh wallpaper…)
  •  3 dead giveaways that your property has been water affected… (This can save you thousands in re-stumping and expensive structural work.)
  •  How to identify what renters in your area crave - So you can add these features through renovation and bump your property into the market’s ‘sweet spot’. (You’ll attract the highest rental demand -- and best cash flow -- without overspending on improvements.)
  •  The small details that date a property and how to replace them for just a few dollars. (This adds huge perceived value that will wow property valuers, tenants and buyers alike.)
  •  2 things you should always look out for when inspecting a laundry…
  •  Learn how to boost ‘street appeal’ (and property value) with five simple renovation techniques. (These small street-facing tweaks can easily attract $2, $3 or even $5 for every $1 spent!)
  •  The un-glamorous job that you must conduct on any inspection if you want to know what you’re really buying. (I’ve seen people shy away from this step only to be stung with thousands of dollars of unforeseen expenses.)
  •  What colour to paint a house to get the biggest boost to your equity
  •  A simple paint application process that will save you thousands without sacrificing quality. (Not many painters use this technique… but when you find one that does it’s an absolute goldmine.)
  •  An easy tip to make cheap floorboards look luxurious and expensive… (This technique blows buyers and valuers away the moment they enter the property.)
  •  How to revamp an old 70s exterior so it looks modern, clean and fresh.
  •  Why the simple “top down” approach is the best way to renovate any property if you want to get things right the first time...
  •   How we achieve a line-free finish on kitchen bench-top paint... so it looks like solid stone.
  •  How to resurface a bathtub for just a few dollars – and get a clean, new and durable finish. (You’ll be able to save thousands on new bathtubs when you know this simple trick.)
  • A simple carpet-buying tip to save 40% on brand new carpet. (And where to shop to get the best deals…)
  •  The 3 factors that must be present for a profitable renovation… (HINT: Two of them have nothing to do with the renovation itself.)
  •  How Russell managed to buy his renovation property for $40,000 under market value…
  •  How a fence can make a property more in-demand amongst young families.
  •  How to use the international currency (a slab of beer) to get free earthworks.
  •  How to brief tradies on hipagesgroup.com.au so you attract the lowest possible quotes, least hassle and top quality work!
  •  Why Youtube is your best friend as a strategic renovator
  •  How the ‘Box On The Back’ renovation let’s you bump your property into a whole new price bracket... for a relatively small investment. (You can turn a 3 bedroom house into a 4-bedder with a luxurious, open-plan living area – and oversized kitchen – using this technique stolen from the commercial building world!)
  •  How to ‘stage’ a property to impress the property valuer and command the highest possible price. (You’ll see how $2,235 worth of decorations – arranged in the right way – can easily add tens of thousands onto your property’s value.)
  •  How $24 lighting from Bunnings can add a modern twist to any property… so renters can’t wait to snap it up.
  •  A simple buying tip to save money on a brand new kitchen splashback (without sacrificing the look and feel)...
  •  How to make worn out roof tiles look (and perform) like new for just $1,600…
  •  And… and see Russell's finished property. (You’ll learn why he now says: “I can’t believe how easy it is. I cannot believe how easy it is.”)
  • You'll also learn how to... 
  •  Create a completely ‘new’ bathroom with just few coats of paint...
  •  Remove that ugly archway… and re-plaster an interior wall... for less than $500
  •  Use render to give the property maximum ‘curb appeal’...
  •  And… how to turn an outdated kitchen into a modern luxury with a new shelf, some paint and a few carefully placed down-lights
  •  ... Watch us do all this (and heaps more improvements) with less than $25,000 renovation budget!
  • PLUS – and this is this will help you ‘in the field’ – You’ll get my personal Property Inspection Checklist… just print it out, take it to any house inspection and you’ll be able to pinpoint every ounce of untapped equity… and rule out any ‘money traps’ with one walk through. (Some investors visit open-house “just for fun” once they get their hands on this thing.)

Risk Nothing With The Fairest Money-Back Guarantee You’ll Find…
I’m so sure this new book will provide you thousands of dollars in value on your next renovation, I’m prepared to offer you the strongest guarantee possible: 

My book “Your Property Success With Renovation: 2 Properties + 1 Renovation = $ 1 Million In The Bank” - (along with the bonus video training “How to Find, Buy, Renovate and Profit From Run Down Properties”) will save you – or MAKE you – at least $10,000 on your next renovation or it’s FREE

Try it out for a full 30-days to decide for yourself. Read the book. Watch the training. Interact in our community. If you’re not 100% certain you will make at least $10,000 by applying what you’ve learned, simply let me know and I will refund all your money. Simple as that. 
Nothing Is As Sweet As Building Profit With Your Own Bare Hands… 
If you're ready to start building profit with Strategic Renovation you really  have two options right now: 
1) You can learn to do it the hard way through trial and error. 
Maybe you're luckier than most... but for many investors I've met this means buying into a "money-pit" property that only eats their savings and never provides a return. 

That's a long, painful, and EXPENSIVE journey...

...and I don't wish it on anyone.
2) You can get 'insider access' to all of the hard-earned knowledge that helped me build an $8,000,000 portfolio from the ground up...
You'll be able to:
  •  Assess the renovation potential of any property and know with certainty exactly how much you stand to profit on your renovation before you start 
  •  Know how to add at least $2 in equity for every $1 invested in renovation (this is critical to your long-term success whether you flip OR hold)
  •  Breathe new life into run down properties on a budget so they look and feel luxurious (if you’re renovating your home, put some champagne on ice, you’re about to be doing a LOT more entertaining!) 
  •  And so much more...
Best of all...

...with just a few simple steps you'll be much closer to the illusive dream of living off passive income from property. 
And then it's just a matter of letting capital growth do its thing.  
Wherever you go from here, I want you to achieve the elusive 'Freedom Combination' of money AND time so you can really start living... 

Chase your passions, travel, spend time with loved ones... The world will be your oyster and everyday will be YOURS. 

You might even keep renovating "just for fun"... 

It’s addictive once you know the way. 

Sound good? 

Grab this offer now (there's zero at risk and everything to gain). 

Who Is Jane Slack-Smith?

Jane Slack-Smith

Property Expert - Mentor

Over the past 15 years Jane has grown her personal property portfolio from $0 to over $8,000,000. And now, it grows by tens of thousands of dollars every single month (without her lifting a finger). 

"Once your money works for you a whole new world of opportunities opens up for you" - Says Jane. 

But, it hasn’t always been this easy...

When she started out, Jane was working in the mines in WA as an explosive engineer (that’s still the only ‘real’ job she's ever had). She’s never had a huge income and started investing in property with just $45,000 that she managed to scrape together over a very frugal two year period. 

Within 9-months she'd turned that $45,000 into $175,000… and continued to grow from there. 
Through this journey, Jane has learnt a lot. She's read over 200 property books written by the masters. She's spent tens of thousands of dollars on her education, and had the privilege of working one-on-one with the brightest minds in the Australian property market. 

With her impressive track record, she is now considered one of the "masters" herself. She's been named one of the Top 10 Property Experts by Money Magazine and one of the Top 4 Financial Influencers by Qantas. She's been awarded the Australia's Mortgage Broker of the Year – twice – in 2010 and 2014. And she is a sought after mentor, speaker, commentator and author in the Australian property investment space. 

This book package is what Jane wishes she had access to 15 years ago.

It will cut years from your journey and set you off in the right direction to renovate for profit the low-risk, reliable and safe way.

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