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What is "Borrow My Brain"?

Hi, Jane here!

Recently, as part of my ongoing support to my community, I've been offering people the possibility to 'Borrow My Brain'.

During these sessions, I took someone through the process of evaluating the suburbs and the areas where they can buy-in and helping them find one that's going to give them capital growth, and that is specific to their price range and their needs.

Now, when I started over 20 years ago, I have to admit, it took me 12 months to actually go through all of the analysis and find the areas that I thought would have the capital growth…

Fast-forward to today and, after having taught this to thousands of people and after building my own portfolio, now it takes me only a fraction of the time to come up with the suburbs that actually suit people's needs (within their price range), and to find the properties that have the characteristics needed to create a low-risk investment.

If you are interested in applying to Borrow My Brain, please find the details below.

Usually only my mentoring students and pre-approved mortgage clients get access to similar strategy sessions with me, but now, more than ever, it is important that if you are considering buying you ask the right questions and don't rush in.

I hope this Borrow My Brain series helps you understand the questions you need to ask before you buy.

And as always, here is to Your Property Success!

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Finally just remember: It’s important for you to take care in applying what you see on this video, or any webinar or training, to your own personal circumstances. Everyone's situation is different, and while I go to great lengths to ensure that everything I share is accurate, what you're about to hear is based on my personal experiences and opinions and is not intended to be specific to your circumstances. 

Although I am given some information from the guest the information shared with them is to assist them with their query and for them to undertake that information and further investigation in conjunction with their team of professionals to assist them with their final decision. In order for me to share this information openly in the way that I do, I just need to make the following disclaimer: I am not a real estate agent, financial planner, lawyer or accountant and are not liable for any loss, damage or misunderstanding caused by reliance on any of the information provided or inferred.

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